The Lebensborn Experiment
In the final days of the war, Sergeant Kapp Johnson is being held prisoner in the dungeon of a medieval castle in the Black Forest. While he and another soldier from his all-black battalion await ceremonial execution, an even more sinister struggle between life and death is taking place within the castle walls…

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The Lebensborn Alliance
It is now 1956, and the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement. Former Sergeant Kapp Johnson gets enlisted as Dr. Martin Luther King’s bodyguard and moves to Montgomery, Alabama. Hans has inherited millions from his uncle and buys the Vancouver Daily Times. As Managing Editor, Hans sends Adok…

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The Lebensborn Conspiracy
The Lebensborn Conspiracy is the third of four books in the Lebensborn book series. It spans from 1957 to 1980. The Montgomery Bus Boycott ended segregated busing in America with the Supreme Court declaring it unconstitutional on November 14, 1956. In the spring of 1957, Hans, Kapp, Milton, and Ray travel to Germany in an attempt to rescue Hans’ brother Adok from the evil clutches of former WWII Nazi Colonel, Otto Strauss. When they fail, they return to America. Realizing that their ability to hunt down Adok and Strauss as civilians are limited, the four become either FBI, CIA, Secret Service, or military intelligence officers. In 1963, they uncovered a plot to kill JFK. With the murder of MLK, they begin to unravel the truth behind the assassinations. Always one step behind Adok and Strauss, their quest spans into the next century as they stop and misdirect conspiracies one after another that imperils countries and democracies all over the world.
Battle Of The Lebensborns
It’s 2007. Barack Obama is running for the U.S. Presidency. Kapp is a member of the senator’s Secret Service detail. With the help of Kapp, Milton, and Ray’s kids, now all grownup with their own powers, Adok is finally caught. Or, was Adok’s capture just a ruse to get close to the four to assassinate Barack Obama?

Book Series Finale (2027)
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Joyce Yvette Davis

Joyce Yvette Davis was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 27, 1959. She is the youngest girl of seven children. When she was thirteen her family moved to Southern California. She discovered she had a knack for writing in her 8th grade creative writing class. From that point on, she pursued writing as a career. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Arts from Cal Poly University in Pomona… Read More